We Lead business Change with Data

Our data consultants build:

  1. Descriptive Analytics, a form of standard reporting that provides information about what already has happened in a campaign or other business operation.
  2. Diagnostic Analytics, Mining data to select and analyze data accumulated during normal business, to find and confirm unknown relationships, that can produce positive and verifiable outcomes through the deployment of predictive models
  3. Predictive Analytics, a kind of analysis that leverages statistical models and algorithms to better understand previous actions, and thus better predict what is likely to happen next
  4. Prescriptive Analytics, the pinnacle of data analytics, produces a synergy of data, business and mathematics to define the best course of future action

Data itself can be a burden, expensive and useless. Though, by creating a smart actionable strategy, on how to leverage the power of data to produce actionable insights, that brings down the metrics that matter, and optimize parameters of growth, it can prove to be extremely advantageous to any business.

For that matter, our consultants build data models, creating equations of growth, that helps businesses predict revenues, optimize operations to elevate margins, and build more personalized experiences for their customers.

The following are some of the key data types, that we build models for:

  • Business Process Data, such as inventory, supply chain, billing, sale and HR. We build models, to optimize these processes, while minimizing risks and provide valuable, actionable insights.
  • Product & Service Data, as in any digital platform, blog, websites, mobile applications, to better target, and personalize the experience
  • Customer Data, by which we can predict, and analyze customer behavior. With data, a business can better segment their customers, and provide better personalized experiences, that increase customer lifetime value, while reducing costs of retention and acquisitions.

What if I don’t have the data?

Our engineers and consultants help businesses collect and source data that matters, and build full-fledged data collection strategies

What Technology do we use?

We are independent of the technology and can adapt on the customer current monetary capability and business status. Our consultants, utilize creativity and innovation, to utilize the most readily available and cost-efficient technologies to serve our customers in the most effective ways.
From using programmed and connected excel sheets, to on-boarding more advanced technologies, for enterprise level analytics and big data needs

What Will I end up having?

While being insight driven has huge benefits, these are some of the expectations one can get from being data driven:

  1. Increased Profitability:By analyzing different products sales, and profitability and merging them together with customer purchase behaviors and predictive analytics, we can create profitability clusters, along with improved segmentation to elevate margins
  2. Reduced Operational Loss:Our Engineers collect all operational data, and dive deep into finding correlations, and causation analysis, to find cost-leakages, and opportunities of growth to optimize processes and build more effective, streamlined re-engineered operations
  3. Cross Departmental efficiencies:Data can be a power to better synchronize cross departmental operations, making the organization more agile and empower faster decisions. By eliminating work duplication, and sharing important information, for better, more productive decision making
  4. Digital TransformationPart of our work is focused on information architecture, data governance and data asset management, which build the pillars for any digital transformation initiative. We also, plan IT migrations, and new system implementation.Having a technology that works for the business, instead of the other way around, and ensuring maximal ROI on IT investments
  5. More Focused Operation:By extracting and creating an equation of the parameters that have direct influence on growth and efficiency, executives can focus better, on initiatives that have the greatest output on Growth
  6. Differentiated Customer Experience:Through superior segmentation, and predicting purchasing behaviors, a business can better serve its customers, and better optimize supply chain cycles, and inventory management.
  7. New, Optimized Workflows:We deliver business transformations, in the sense, that we fully re-engineer processes to be more automate-able, and be be more efficient as per our analysis. Mapping the whole company operations, and iterating till we get the best architecture of a process, that will save costs, and time.
  8. Clear business visibilityThroughout our projects, we create compelling, easy to read visualization and dashboards, for business executives and owners, to have a clear and crisp visibility of their business status, and having superior business intelligence.