The Synapse Methodology

1st Step: Analysis

Our first step, we dive deep into the business to clearly understand the business unit goals and objectives, mapping its processes and diagnose its effectiveness and efficiency.

2nd step: Framing, Scoping & Parameter Setting

We build growth equations for the operation of the business unit, set its success parameters, and build the data models, & Machine Learning Algorithms to continuously analyze, predict and prescribe actions for optimization

3rd Step: Managing the Transformation, Mobilizing Technology & Focusing Investment

We deliver business transformation. Based on our analysis, we build action plans, execute them and focus any investment on all innovation opportunities identified during our analysis. We further, build an IT roadmap, and supervise its execution to fruition.

4th Step: On-boarding & Culture sustainability

After our work is done, we make sure all staff is trained, and onboarded onto the new analytics culture, utilizing the new technology and leading the business towards a sustainable growth trajectory