Machine Learning For Superior Analytics & Automation

Machine Learning is a technique used to generate faster insights, and automate decision making, without explicitly programming a computer to do so. By feeding data into a computer, it can decide the best course of action, without human intervention.

Now the Machine can see, read, listen, write and Talk!

Machine learning have a wide variety of applications within a business, that can take the form of chatbots, digital assistants, sensors, data visualizations, automated customer segmentation,sentiment analytics, prescriptive analytics, and many others.

Our engineers are adept at using different types of Machine learning techniques, to be hastely applied in a business context, to produce predictable , and automation. These are:

  • Supervised Learning: We know what we want to predict, and haven’t really figured out the inner relations and correlations within the data. We give it to the machine to figure it out! For example: Trying to predict customer churn rates
  • Unsupervised Learning: We don’t really know what we want as output, nor the relations within the data, so, we let the machine do everything! For example: Segmenting customers on their actions, behaviors, locations..etc.
  • Reinforced Learning: This is where the Machine is continously improving, based on the data being fed, to optimize for better decision making. For example: This can range from Autonomous cars, to fraud detection.

Every business case, can implement Machine Learning Algorithm to make it better. This is where our Machine Learning engineers and Business Consultants work together, to Frame the Business Case for Machine Learning, and Implement it, to build a sustainable competitive advantage for the organization or business.