Make your business smarter with Artificial Intelligence

Data is the Fuel,A.I is the Engine and Growth is the result

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Through a data-led approach, we model every business activity, to find its growth parameters, that mostly affect its efficiency and effectiveness. Then, we generate actionable insights from the data, to reduce operational loss, increase margins, and deliver a superior customer experience.

We help you augment your organization performance by building customizing machine learning and A.I algorithms to fit your very unique business case.

Having a Real-time, human-readable, &actionable visualization on all operational activities, enabling better, & faster decision making

Build a more connected organization, with minimal operational loss, maximal productivity, and streamlined processes

Build a Robust, more secure and accessible data governance and data asset management, for a more agile organization, and build more successful digital transformation initiatives

Build stellar & more personalized customer experiences, and access the power of dynamic promotions, pricing, and build a competitive advantage with your customer service

Make smarter distribution and logistics decisions on daily and hourly basis, saving time, and creating better inventory turnover

Access the Power, Scale and Automation of Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence!

Our Data Models can build competitive advantage in 4 key areas:

  1. Customer Experience Analytics
  2. Internal Operations & Logistics Analytics
  3. Financial Analytics
  4. People Analytics

Our data consultants build:

  1. Descriptive Analytics, a form of standard reporting that provides information about what already has happened in a campaign or other business operation.
  2. Diagnostic Analytics, Mining data to select and analyze data accumulated during normal business, to find and confirm unknown relationships, that can produce positive and verifiable outcomes through the deployment of predictive models
  3. Predictive Analytics, a kind of analysis that leverages statistical models and algorithms to better understand previous actions, and thus better predict what is likely to happen next
  4. Prescriptive Analytics, the pinnacle of data analytics, produces a synergy of data, business and mathematics to define the best course of future action

“Data is the New Oil”

  • 95% of Data within organizations remains untapped
  • 39% of Marketers think data is collected too infrequently and not real time enough, thus not turning this data into actionable insights
  • 57.6% of Organizations , say that Big Data is a Challenge
  • 72.7% of COO consider driving operational efficiencies to be the biggest benefit of a big data strategy
  • 50% of Marketers say that big data helps in better meeting consumer demand and facilitating growth

Our first step, we dive deep into the business to clearly understand the business unit goals and objectives, mapping its processes and diagnose its effectiveness and efficiency.

We build growth equations for the operation of the business unit, set its success parameters, and build the data models, & Machine Learning Algorithms to continuously analyze, predict and prescribe actions for optimization

We deliver business transformation. Based on our analysis, we build action plans, execute them and focus any investment on all innovation opportunities identified during our analysis. We further, build an IT roadmap, and supervise its execution to fruition.

After our work is done, we make sure all staff is trained, and onboarded onto the new analytics culture, utilizing the new technology and leading the business towards a sustainable growth trajectory

Machine Learning is a technique used to generate faster insights, and automate decision making, without explicitly programming a computer to do so. By feeding data into a computer, it can decide the best course of action, without human intervention.

Digital Masters Enjoy 26% more profitability and 9% more return on assets. "Harvard Business Review"

What does it mean to digitally transform your business?

We build Data Governance & Data Asset Management:

  1. Data Collection
  2. Data Storage
  3. Data Processing & Analyzing
  4. Data Accessibility & Communication

We are a fusion of Technology Engineers, Data Scientists, and Business Consultants, working collaboratively, to deliver a unique service of Data-led transformation.